AppsEvents summits teach Educators practical uses of Google tools!

Our events are lead by practicing educators who are leaders in the Google Education community. 
Connect and share at our free evening networking party. Find a summit near you or host one!


  • Our summits are practical, not theoretical. We give you concrete tools you can take to your class on Monday.
  • 'Level up' with sessions for advanced users.


  • Build your network with forward thinking educators.
  • FREE networking party directly after day one. Start building your Google network and hang out with the speakers.
  • No substitute for 'in person' learning and connections.


  • Present a session and become part of the community.
  • Present a two minute 'demo slam' to show what you learned (and win prizes).

Who are summits for?


  • The majority of our sessions are focused specifically on classroom teachers.
  • Our team are all practicing educators working at K-12 schools who are also leaders in the Google Education community.
  • Our sessions share leading edge practices based on practical school experience. The focus is on the actual application of Google tools in the classroom not theoretical knowledge.
  • High level sessions for school leaders. Learn best practices from leading schools.

IT Staff

  • Sessions on topics like managing and rolling out Chromebooks and tablets.
  • Learn Google Apps administration with our structured certification program.
  • Sessions for teachers looking to 'get techy'.

What else?


  • Try out the latest Google tools and technologies.
  • Additional topics such as YouTube, Maps, Earth, Blogger, and advanced search.


  • Take a 'deep dive' into using tablets in the classroom.
  • Dedicated 'Samsung Smart classroom' to test the latest devices.
  • Learn about gaming in education.
  • Learn to teach Android App development.


  • Become a Google Educator and join the global community.
  • AppsEvents Certified Admin levels 1 and 2 certification available. Leave the summit certified.
Upcoming Events


 San Bernardino  Jan 22/23
 Chicago  Apr 2/3
 New Hampshire  Jul 21/22
 Fresno  Sept 2016
 Seattle  Sept 2016
 Monterey Bay  Oct 2016
 Groton   Oct 2016
 ArkansasNov 11/13 


 Leysin Mar 5
 Sweden Apr 23/24 
 Netherlands Apr 30/May 1
 Zurich Sept 2016
 European Summit Sept 2016


 South Korea Dec 5/6 
 Taiwan Feb 20/21 
 Japan Feb 2016 
 Macau Aug 2016 
 Bangkok Oct 8/9 
 Singapore Oct 2016 

 Middle East and Africa

 East Africa Feb 6/7
 Qatar Mar 11/12

 Latin America

 Argentina     2015 
 Brazil 2015 
 El Salvador 2015